Episode 107 – The Voyages of the Social Enterprise

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Edgar & Joe’s

  • Website: edgarandjoes.ca
  • Twitter: twitter.com/edgarandjoes
  • Facebook: facebook.com/EdgarAndJoes
  • Instagram: instagram.com/edgarandjoes

Michelle Quintyn – Goodwill Industries of Great Lakes

  • Michelle’s Twitter: twitter.com/gwmichelle
  • Goodwill Industries (Great Lakes) Website: goodwillindustries.ca
  • Goodwill Industries Twitter: twitter.com/Goodwill_OGL
  • Goodwill Industries Facebook: facebook.com/GoodwillOGL
  • Goodwill Industries Instagram: instagram.com/goodwill_ogl

Michelle Baldwin – Pillar Nonprofit Network & Innovation Works

  • Michelle Baldwin Twitter: twitter.com/ml_baldwin
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Website: pillarnonprofit.ca
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Facebook: facebook.com/Pillar.Nonprofit.Network
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Twitter: twitter.com/PillarNN
  • Innovation Works Website: innovationworkslondon.ca
  • Innovation Works Facebook: facebook.com/innoworksldn
  • Innovation Works Twitter: twitter.com/innoworksldn
  • Innovation Works Instagram: instagram.com/innoworksldn
  • Verge Capital Website: vergecapital.ca

Martha Powell – London Community Foundation

  • London Community Foundation Website: lcf.on.ca
  • London Community Foundation Facebook: facebook.com/LdnCommFdn
  • London Community Foundation Twitter: twitter.com/LdnCommFdn