Episode 108 – Here Come The B Corps

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Western Research Parks

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Innovation Works

Innovation Works Website: innovationworkslondon.ca
Innovation Works Twitter: twitter.com/innoworksldn

Dr. Tima Bansal

Twitter: twitter.com/TimaBansal
Network for Business Sustainability (NBS): nbs.net
NBS Twitte: twitter.com/NBSnet

David Billson
Twitter: twitter.com/dbillson
rTraction Website: rtraction.com
rtraction Twitter: twitter.com/rTraction
B-Corporations/B-Labs: bcorporation.net/

Episode 107 – The Voyages of the Social Enterprise

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Edgar & Joe’s

  • Website: edgarandjoes.ca
  • Twitter: twitter.com/edgarandjoes
  • Facebook: facebook.com/EdgarAndJoes
  • Instagram: instagram.com/edgarandjoes

Michelle Quintyn – Goodwill Industries of Great Lakes

  • Michelle’s Twitter: twitter.com/gwmichelle
  • Goodwill Industries (Great Lakes) Website: goodwillindustries.ca
  • Goodwill Industries Twitter: twitter.com/Goodwill_OGL
  • Goodwill Industries Facebook: facebook.com/GoodwillOGL
  • Goodwill Industries Instagram: instagram.com/goodwill_ogl

Michelle Baldwin – Pillar Nonprofit Network & Innovation Works

  • Michelle Baldwin Twitter: twitter.com/ml_baldwin
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Website: pillarnonprofit.ca
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Facebook: facebook.com/Pillar.Nonprofit.Network
  • Pillar Nonprofit Network Twitter: twitter.com/PillarNN
  • Innovation Works Website: innovationworkslondon.ca
  • Innovation Works Facebook: facebook.com/innoworksldn
  • Innovation Works Twitter: twitter.com/innoworksldn
  • Innovation Works Instagram: instagram.com/innoworksldn
  • Verge Capital Website: vergecapital.ca

Martha Powell – London Community Foundation

  • London Community Foundation Website: lcf.on.ca
  • London Community Foundation Facebook: facebook.com/LdnCommFdn
  • London Community Foundation Twitter: twitter.com/LdnCommFdn


Season I Part II

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Adam and Shobhita are back! Sort of!

Your two favourite innovation podcast hosts from Southwestern Ontario spend 2 minutes talking about old times, catching up, and discussing all the exciting things happening in the second half of Season 1 of Towards London, including:


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So many exciting things to come – keep checking back!

Towards 2018

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Join Shobhita and Adam as they celebrate a milestone and make a super-special announcement from a not-so-secret location.

Towards London is going on hiatus for the holidays, but we’ll be back in 2018 with stories of Social Innovation, Advanced Manuafacturing, Digital Creative, and Video Games.

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Happy holidays and we’ll be back in your earbuds in 2018.

Episode 106: Aliens Among Us

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London Dairy Supply

On this episode

Dr. Madeline Lennon, Professor Emerita at Western University where she founded what is now the Comparative Literature and Culture Program. In 1991 she became a professor of art history, at Western University’s Department of Visual Arts, where she also served as chair and graduate chair. Before and since her retirement from Western University in 2008, she has written extensively on the artists of the region, and has curated a number of exhibitions both here in London, and elsewhere.

Dr. Joel Faflak is the inaugural Director of the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities at Western University. He’s stepping down from that position in January 2018, and he’ll continue to be a professor in the Department of English and Writing Studies. Read more about Dr. Faflak and his work here

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Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Professor Vergne

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Professor Vergne takes us through a brief history of bitcoin and other “Socially contested” technologies in the full interview from Episode 4.

Some items from the podcast:

Professor Vergne’s Information

Imogen Heap’s UJO project

Episode 104 – Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

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London Dairy Supply

An earlier version had a significant glitch around the 26:00 mark. This has now been fixed.

From the segment on TD Bank’s Agile software development process

  • Agile software development summary at wikipedia

From the segment on Zomaron

From the segment on cryptocurrencies

A One Week Hiatus

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Don’t hate us – we’re on a hiatus!

Shobhita and Adam share some exciting news, explain the need for the break, and talk briefly about what’s in store starting again on November 14th, 2017.

Have a great and innovative week!

Episode 103: A Repose at the Tower

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Episode 3 was generously sponsored by start.ca.

On this episode:

The Transformation of Care

Dr. Irene Hramiak, Site Chief of Medicine and the Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at St. Joseph’s Health Care London and a Professor and Division Chair at Western’s Schulich School of Medecine and Dentistry talks about about how a rebuilding a century-old hospital from the ground up has led to new discoveries and treatments in patient care.
Watch some videos about the transformation here.

Scanning The Mysteries

Dr. Lisa Saksida (twitter), Canada Research Chair in Translational Cognitive Neuroscience
Dr. Ravi Menon (twitter), Canada Research Chair in Functional and Molecular Imaging, Medical Director at CFMM (twitter)
Dr. Adrian Owen (twitter), Canada Research Excellence Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience at Western University
All three exceptional scientists tell us about sixty-six million dollar study that involves, scientists, doctors, musicians, artists, and business people looking into the most mysterious organ we have through BrainsCAN (twitter).

Meet Our Future Robot Surgeons

Dr. Christopher Schlachta at CSTAR, London Health Sciences Centre is blending virtual reality with real-world robots to make surgery safer, faster, and more accessible.
Watch a video about Nick Paparella’s experience with robotic surgery.