About Towards London

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Co-Host Shobhita Sharma
Co-Host Adam Caplan

For everyone curious about what’s next in technology, science, humanities, art, and entrepreneurship, there is Towards London, a dynamic new podcast that highlights the accomplishments of the brightest professionals at the forefronts of their fields. Thought-provoking and entertaining, this 10-episode series explores the ideas that are shaping the future of healthcare, manufacturing, media, and beyond.

Launching with a 10-episode series in Fall 2017, Towards London blends the exciting style that CBC’s Spark uses to explore technology’s social impact with the conversational, casual tone of NPR’s Planet Money. Each week will feature a new set of ideas that are informing and shaping tomorrow’s world-changing innovations. Living in a small city rich with big ideas means we live among some of the world’s greatest minds, and now everyone can learn about the exciting advances being made in science, art, business, and society as they reshape our everyday lives.

Moderators Adam Caplan and Shobhita Sharma have a witty, approachable style and curious, engaged perspectives. Each 20-25 minute episode features entertaining and compelling interviews with London-based guests and unique insights into the innovations being produced in Canada’s London.